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Bioclear is a cost-effective, minimally invasive treatment, giving you a healthy and youthful appearing smile.

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Gaps Between Teeth
Worn Teeth
Black triangles between the teeth at the gum area
Dark teeth
Exposed roots
Undersized teeth
Spaces between teeth after braces
Bioclear Before and After

The Bioclear method is a conservative way to close gaps, black triangles, and worn, chipped teeth. Usually it does not require the removal of any tooth structure, unlike veneers and crowns. The result is a long lasting, strong, stain resistant restoration that is minimally invasive.

Dr. Leach, Thank you and your staff for making my experience so pleasant! After my accident, I was unsure about knowing if my teeth in front would look normal. After your procedures not only do they look normal… they look better! Your advice and skill are excellent and your staff is the best! I could’nt be more pleased.

Sincerely, N.E.

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Dr. Steven Leach
Dr. Steven Leach is Alabama’s only certified Bioclear dentist and is conveniently located near Florence, AL. Let him and his staff help you achieve a beautiful smile.
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