Emergency Care

Patient Education

Wow, my dental appointments were actually looked at as a pleasant experience, since Dr. Leach and his staff are so capable and sincere – and there was no discomfort as one usually expects.


Thank you for everything leading up to and the day of my visit for Bioclear. I’m so happy with the results from the procedure and I appreciate all of the information everyone provided during the process. Thanks so much to you, Dr. Leach, for investing your time and talents in making this procedure available in our state. I’m very grateful for all of the kindness and care everyone gave to me. The office visits, phone conversations, and really all of my interactions with your office were very positive and put me at ease. Thank you so much for all that you all do!

Traci S.

Dear Dr. Leach,  I just wanted to tell you thank you for my beautiful veneers! I love them and get compliments on them all the time. Thank you again!

Katie W.

Dr. Leach did a magnificent job on my teeth. He did some bonding to fill in some spaces and my teeth look just perfect. I am completely happy with the great job he did! He also did the work with no discomfort whatsoever and without even numbing. I was very comfortable the whole time.


My family and I have been a client of Dr. Steven Leach for 13 years. He has been a very positive influence concerning oral health. After consulting with Dr. Leach concerning a very crooked front tooth, he advised me and we came to the conclusion that we need to crown the teeth. His staff was encouraging, very kind and helpful with the decisions that needed to be made. Dr. Leach took great care to make sure that everything went according to plan. When it was time to fit the new teeth he was meticulous and the outcome was beyond my wildest hopes. For the first time I had a smile that I could really be proud of. Dr. Leach’s expertise, his excellent staff, and the lab made what could have been a harrowing experience a very enjoyable one.
Thank you Dr. Leach, “She said with a smile”!


Thank you all for your great service, kind care, and sweet attitudes. I love being your patient, blessings!


After recent orthodontic treatment I ended up with black triangles between my lower front teeth. After doing some research online, I found out that Dr. Leach was a certified Bioclear Doctor. I drove 7 hours to have him treat my lower black triangles. I am beyond happy with the job he did! So worth the trip! Thank you so much for the beautiful outcome and the stress free and pain free experience!


Dental emergencies require proper care right away. As with any emergency, it’s important to know what to do in those situations BEFORE they arise.

Traumatic Dental Injuries

Dental Injury

Knocking out a permanent tooth requires immediate attention. Pick up the tooth without touching the root. THis increases the chances of saving it. Gently wash it with water and place it back into the tooth socket facing the correct direction. Gently hold it in place as you make your way quickly and safely to Dr. Leach’s office or Emergency Room. If replanting is not an option, tuck it between the cheek and gum, or carry it in a container of cold milk.

For a more severe injury – like a tooth that’s been moved or loosened – treatment should occur within six hours. Situations that cause uncontrollable bleeding require immediate attention at the closest ER.

Fortunately, most dental injuries are not so severe. The most common of these is a chipped tooth. When you chip a tooth, try to locate any pieces that have come off the tooth. Dr. Leach and his team may be able to reattach the chipped material. Schedule an office visit as soon as possible, and bring any pieces of chipped teeth with you to the office.

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Tooth Pain

Tooth Pain

Acute or persistent tooth pain is always a sign to visit Dr. Leach. Tooth Decay is the most common culprit and can spread through other parts of the tooth and into the gums.

Sometimes tooth pain is a sign of infection deep within the tooth itself. This kind of infection may require a root canal, which is a procedure to remove the infection, relieve pain and save the tooth from extraction.

Loose fillings and sensitive teeth can also cause tooth pain. The best action to take for any case of tooth pain is to make an appointment at Steven Leach Dental as soon as possible.

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Gum Emergencies

Injury or infection of the mouth’s soft tissues may also be emergencies. The gums, tongue and cheek linings can be damaged in many ways (e.g accidental bites, falls, collisions, scalding liquids, etc). Sometimes a foreign body or particle can become lodged below the gum line leading to a painful  (and potentially serious) abscess. A periodontal abscess is a sac of fluid caused by infection of the gum. An abscess should be treated immediately at Dr. Leach’s office. Foreign bodies lodged below the gum line can sometimes be removed (gently) with a toothpick or dental floss. If this proves too difficult, or causes more pain and discomfort, make an appointment to have Dr. Leach’s team examine the injury.

Any injury to the soft tissues of the mouth should be rinsed using diluted salt water. Any visible debris should be cleared. Bleeding can often be controlled by gentle, direct pressure to the affected area using clean, damp material. If bleeding is not under control after 10-15 minutes, head to the ER immediately.

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Orthodontic Emergencies

Orthodontic treatment can often be uncomfortable. This is not necessarily the sign of an emergent issue. In fact, there are few true orthodontic emergencies. These include trauma to teeth, face or mouth. Infection, swelling, or severe unmanageable pain may also be orthodontic emergencies. If these conditions arise, take immediate steps to visit Dr. Leach’s office or the emergency room. For loose, broken or irritating orthodontic hardware, call Steven Leach Dental for advice.